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Home Inspections

Once you get your new home safely under contract, the first step is to order the home inspection. Typically, a buyer requests a 10 business day due diligence period to perform all desired inspections.  It is important to order the inspection immediately after confirmation of an accepted offer. Inspectors can be very busy at times […]

Tax Free Capital Gains on Real Estate?

It surprises me how few home buyers/homeowners understand this “get out of taxes” free card. The program is known as the Principal Residence Exemption. In short, it means that you can sell your primary residence every two years with no capital gains tax, up to $250k profit for single and $500k profit for a married […]

Things You Need To Know Before Shopping For a Home

So you are ready to begin the process of buying a home? You’ve got some money saved up, your credit in order and you’re ready to start looking at houses. The first step in the home buying process is finding a good realtor and mortgage broker. You will need both. Some people find the realtor […]